2018 Program

 Hyperloop Education Program.

2019 Program

2020 Program

ABOUT OACETT our primary Sponcer for NEM.

The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) is a non-profit, self-governing, professional association of over 25,000 members. OACETT promotes the interests of engineering and applied science technicians and technologists in industry, educational institutions, the public and government.

OACETT Renfrew County Chapter is in the heart of the Ottawa valley and encompasses the longest stretch of the Ottawa River in the Ottawa valley as well Renfrew County is the largest county in Ontario. There are over 900 lakes and four major river systems in the Ottawa Valley. More than 400 species of animals live in the Ottawa Valley. It has enjoyed a rich technological history in transportation and logistics, reaching back before Canada’s birthdate. We and the National Engineering Month are proud to support the Ottawa Valley Hyperloop Education Program.

TransCanada Hyperloop will be progressing students interest is in the crossing between Hyperloop technologies and Small Modular Reactors for NEM 2020.

It only makes sense to combine the two technologies for many reasons.  


An array of these modular reactors strung along the track in optimum distances of 200Km.


The TransCanada corridor of the future will be fortified with communities linked with the fastest robust transportation system available.

The technologies will be upwardly upgradeable from energy to transportation and housing.


We will be partnering with industries and education to look at new long term goals for infrastructure in Canada.